I’m so behind with writing these – apologies! And when I came across Lauren and Andy’s epic wedding from Halloween last year, I was kicking myself for not posting these sooner.. I mean how adorable and cool are these two?! Everything about Lauren and Andy was perfect, from their carefree attitude and sense of humour on the day, to the little moments between each other when they couldn’t stop laughing.

The pair were married at The Old Golf House Hotel in Huddersfield, a 17th century building surrounded by acres of lush gardens. The ceremony was a charming affair, with Lauren looking effortlessly beautiful wearing a pale Grecian flowing gown, with her hair loosely held up with a white flower – stunning! After the service we grabbed Lauren and Andy away for some bridal portraits in the gardens of the venue. These two were so easy to photograph, although shy at times, their moments together where they couldn’t stop giggling made for the perfect portraits – even their request to hold each other and go for a run down the hill! (See below!)

The Halloween theme was on display in their reception room with the most awesome bright orange wedding cake and zombie bride and groom toppers! I was also a fan of the cobwebs and spiders, lovingly draped over the candelabra’s. The speeches were just amazing, with the standout being Lauren’s bridesmaids all doing a speech about how they came to meet and love the bride, telling some hilarious stories along the way. Such an incredible wedding – and I have to mention Andy’s Grandma, who we couldn’t help but feature in the post, she was such a loveable character and didn’t stop smiling all day!


Mrs R

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