Poppy Fields Engagement Shoot.

Kay and Richard will be married in a couple of days at Northorpe Hall in West Yorkshire! After meeting them both in the beautiful, serene poppy fields in Overton a few weeks ago – I am extremely excited to be part of their big day. Their engagement shoot, like many, consisted of meeting each other, having a good old natter about their plans for the wedding and generally getting comfortable in front of the camera – whilst having a giggle at the same time. It’s safe to say that these guys needed no help or direction from us – Kay and Richard were complete naturals, relaxed and at ease with each other, and it was so lovely to watch. We had a good walk across the woodlands and became lost and windswept in the poppy fields. It was great fun and the photo’s I think reflect that!

So now, we are on countdown for their special day.. two more sleeps!!


Mrs R x

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Kay & Richard's Engagement Shoot - Poppy Fields

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