Hornington Manor – The Wedding of Helen & Kam

Here’s a throwback to almost two years ago when we photographed the gorgeous Helen and Kam get married on a summer’s day in North Yorkshire! I can’t believe I haven’t blogged this already, so please accept my sincere apologies with this one, it’s a corker. We began the day with Helen and her girls getting ready in one of the grand bedrooms at Hornington Manor, where the reception would be later. The room was buzzing with excitement as Helen had her hair plaited into a pretty updo, with loose curls and soft, white flowers completing the look. Outside, an incredible tipi was being set up in the grounds with hay bales dotting the grass and bright, colourful ribbons hung from the trees. It was already looking incredible and the decorating had only just started!

A glass of champagne later and we were off to meet Kamran and the rest of the wedding party at the church in Tadcaster. The sun was out, and there was a real sense of community at the church. Local men and women lined up outside the church gates to try and get a sneak peek of the beautiful bride. After the ceremony we captured a fabulous confetti shot (see below) and then proceeded to take some documentary style photos of Helen & Kam walking the main street of Tadcaster, including a portrait in front of the Sam Smiths Brewery – it had to be done!

We then joined the rest of the wedding party for the reception at Hornington Manor. The pair had gone for a festival themed wedding, complete with a live steel drum band – amazing, games on the lawn, a prosecco van, and festival wrist bands for all the guests. Their passion for music continued throughout the day with the table’s named after different festivals, a music note table runner and a bar stacked with Red Stripe and Jagermeister.

The speeches were a great blend of humour and emotion, with each of Kam’s groomsmen taking it in turns to deliver hilarious stories of the groom from his younger years. As the sun was setting we managed to steal the newlyweds for some intimate bridal portraits across the fields next to the manor. One of my favourite moments is shown below, where Helen and Kam are looking back across the field to the tipi where all their family and friends are celebrating, both holding each other quietly, with a real sense of contentment. And then it was back to the wedding party, where a live rock band were killing it, the dancefloor was packed and we witnessed some of the best moves we’ve seen in a long time!! All in all an incredible wedding!

Mrs R x



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