Here are a few edits from a test shoot I was part of earlier this year. Admittedly, we were a tad unfortunate with the great British weather (torrential rain just as we lit the candles) meaning we had to cut the day short! That said, I’m still pretty happy with the shots we managed to capture, given the time constraints..

We had such fun coordinating this shoot, working together with creative MUA Anna Stephenson, we started out with a Pinterest board to research and share ideas around colours, themes, style of dress, hair and makeup. Once the overall concept began to take shape, I started looking in to locations – searching for somewhere grand, yet old, somewhere that could tell a story. I began looking for a castle ruin that was easily accessible and relatively isolated, which proved quite a challenge! Spofforth Castle was the perfect setting for our tale – vast and magnificent yet quietly haunting at the same time.

Wistful, effortless and serene, the concept behind the test shoot was a lost girl, stumbling upon a castle ruin set in the middle of nowhere seeking refuge. Taking inspiration from a number of ethereal fashion shoots, I managed to find a mauve coloured dress that floated to the ground, with beautiful embellishments that captured the light just right. Model Rihanna Higgins from Catwalk Model Management was excellent to work with yet again, braving the cold and rain to ensure we nailed the final shot!

Personal work is so important to learn and develop new ideas as a photographer. Every time we all work together we find something new that inspires us creatively. Please get in touch if you would like to be part of the next test shoot!

Photographer: Craig Rodgers, CJRodgers Photography

MUA: Anna Stephenson

Models: Rhianna Higgins –

Assistant: Leanne Rodgers, CJRodgers Photography

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CJRodgers Photography – Yorkshire Fashion Photographer

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